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Are you planning to travel outside Nigeria? Are you conversant with extant regulations like the minimum requirements for you to proceed on your foreign trip? We can help you by enlightening you and guiding you through the processes.  We make it abundant clear that we have no power to influence issuance of travel visas.  But we provide advisory services that serves to educate intending travellers for business and pleasure; and other other lawful intentions. Our counselling could only place readers and travellers on higher pedestals, with brighter chances of scaling the hurdles of the procument of travelling documents, on account of proper understanding of immigration and border post regulations and conducts. Our book titled: USEFUL GUIDES FOR FOREIGN TRAVELS, BORDER POSTS & IMMIGRATION MATTERS is written to further enlighten those utilizing border posts for leisure and business. The book offers  some useful knowledge, particularly about procedures and requirements at border posts.  The book strongly counsels against illegal migration, as well as other social and criminal acts related to legal and illegal trips and migration.

The first important issue to note is that ignorance is not an excuse in Law. Everybody that is an adult (categorization differs from nation to nation) is liable for his/her actions and inactions. In Nigeria, you are considered an adult upon the attainment of the age of 18 years, in accordance with Section 29 on the extant Constitution of the Federal Republc of Nigeria (as amended) which states that “full age” means the age of eighteen years and above.  Breaking regulations meet with commensurate penalties. Forgery is a crime. It is an offence against the State or Government, for anybody, or intending traveller to forge a Nigerian Travelling Passport which remains the property of the Federal Government of Nigeria; or any document at all. It is equally a criminal action for anybody to forge any document for the purpose of utilizing same to travel, or to procure visas for foreign travels, or entry into Nigeria.  Going through Air/Sea/Land borders too demands absolute compliance with regulations. Therefore, this publication does not encourage sharp practices of any form for the purposes stated therein. Visa and passport applicants, and all users of ports are advised to be as honest as possible in making their documentation.

It is also important to know that the streets of advanced nations are not paved with gold or silver; and these nations also have their peculiar developmenta; challenges; and therefore, would not wish that dislocations occur to their developmental plans. Intending travellers are informed that the picture of the advanced world that they conjure; or may be misled to believe, are usually in fact far from reality. Only a few people resident abroad who visit Nigeria occasionally disclose the type of menial jobs they perform abroad; but give false picture of how ‘’rosy’’ life is abroad. One interesting fact is that several Nigerians in foreign lands long to return home for various reasons, including the fact that there is nowhere like home, as foreign countries continue to tighten their immigration and work regulations. It is also getting increasingly difficult for emigrants to settle and make a living in the First World, because of the global economic situation that is also making these countries to tighten their immigration regulations to prevent immigants that could be threats to these nations, from entering these foreign countries, following the need to protect the socio-economic and political interests of their nations.

In the past few years following global economic turndown and terrorism that know no boundaries, nations of the world are taking precautionary measures in order to be able to cope with the requirements of the emerging times.  At the time of the compilation of this report in 2017 for instance, the British government claimed that over 29,000 Nigerians are on their radar as illegal immigrants and are being investigated for deportation once it is proven that they are residing in the United Kingdom illegally. If eventually deported, these illegal migrants will have to return to Nigeria to start life afresh. Intending migrants are reminded that most countries do not take human trafficking and trafficking in hard drugs/narcotics lightly. In some countries, particularly Asia and the Arab nations, drug couriers are summarily executed to serve as deterrence to other intending drug couriers and merchants yet to be apprehended. So, why would someone jump into committing suicide when there are other avenues of livelihood? The problem is that youths now look for the easiest way to make money. It is also very sad to note that several people commit  innocent mistakes by aiding and supporting illegal migration without knowing that they are really doing so. But regrettably, ignorance is not an excuse in law.


Please note that you are not being scared from attempting to file an application for any form of documentation for border post activities, the issuance of an entry visa into any nation of your choice, or proper documentation of commercial activities at the ports. Even while conducting your transactions, including clearing your goods at the ports, please engage in very clean transactions. Additionally,  it is worth the troubles if an applicant makes a thorough enquiry about the nation to be visited, and weighs the plans to be made to travel, and the reasons to be pleaded in the application to be made. It is in the interest of all applicants to ensure that only genuine documents are presented by them for consideration of their applications at Embassies/High Commissions of foreign countries, at which their applications are to be considered. The issue of travelling as a status symbol should be actively discouraged. It is important for an intending traveller to consider carefully, the reasons that warrant an intended trip abroad. In most cases, visa issuing countries will require from intending travellers, ability to provide proof to finance the trip, or be sponsored on the trip by a relevant sponsor, so that the traveller does not constitute himself/herself into a liability in the country to be visited. The requirements vary, and these are clearly stipulated in the documents provided by foreign Missions. These are contained on the websites of foreign Missions. The penalty for the presentation of forged documents varies. It could constiture a criminal action as in forging documents for financial and commercial transactions at the ports.  For visa applications, it could, in some cases be up to a ten-year ban imposed for perjury and presentation of forged documents, as in the case of the United Kingdom, or even outright ban. Penal code varies from one nation to another.

BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR INTENTIONS: It is most advisable for entry visa applicants and users of border posts to be as honest as possible with the presentation of supporting documents for the evaluation of their documentations. Uniform personnel, particularly immigration officials have enormous discretionary powers. Immigration officials have the right to turn a visitor back, or prevent an intending visitor from travelling out if there are convincing reasons that the trip might not be in national interest. In the case of enty visas, please note that Nigeria’s foreign missions exist, partly to render services to nationals who visit, or are resident in foreign countries covered by the Nigerian Embassy/High Commission. Therefore, long term visitors are advised to register their stay with Nigeria’s missions abroad. Then, learn to live within the bounds of the laws of those countries. Please note that by adhering to immigration regulations of foreign countries, you would be saving over 180 million Nigerians, and even generations yet unborn from potential embarrassment, since one single dirty act by a Nigerian attracts opprobrium for Nigeria and Nigerians generally.

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