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A Guide on Foreign Travels & Immigration Matters

A Guide on Foreign Travels & Immigration Matters

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This book deals with how to secure easy passages to foreign countries. Planning for trips overseas for tourism or business entails more than what most people envisage. Many applicants are denied entry visas and travelling passports simply because they don’t supply all the necessary information/documentation that would enable Immigration & Consular Officers take well-informed decisions on their applications. Other common violations are fraudulent activities in the process of compiling documents for goods and services, and applying for travelling passports and visas. This compilation, apart from being useful for passport and visa applicants is also good as a resource material for members of staff of agencies whose roles are treated in this book.


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A Guide on Foreign Travels & Immigration Matters emphasizes proactive rather than the reactive option through communicative strategies. Issues being publicized are germane to societal development and neglect of vital sub-sectors of the economy that have to be grown through visioning and long -planning. Many of the illegal activities recorded at Nigeria’s border posts have been committed both willfully and ignorantly by some Nigerians and their foreign collaborators. In some cases, foreigners have been found to be complicit. But the Law does not permit for plea of ignorance as an excuse. It is for the purposes of preventing these regrettable activities, and to provoke sensitization & public enlightenment activities directed at attitudinal changes that the compilation has been put together. In the compilation, the author notes that “Human thoughts in the developing world have been refined to view in advanced countries, streets paved with gold, where everything works; when in actual fact the West also harbours both the good and the ugly.”

The Foreword to the book is written by Ambassador Joe C. Keshi, a retired diplomat who notes that: ” To all intents and purposes, Femi Adelegan is eminently placed to put this compilation together given his vast experiences as a sound and tested professional with links in areas touched by the publication. I commend the author’s observation that: “Many intending travellers are not adequately informed about the pros and cons of visiting other nations for different reasons” and that “Planning for trips overseas for tourism or business entails more than what most people envisage.” The author invites attention to the global fight against terror that has heightened the level of security measures put in place at border posts; and posited that preparations commence with the procurement of a traveling passport issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Nigeria Immigration Service. It does not end until the traveller successfully goes through Immigration formalities at the land, air, or sea ports of Nigeria and foreign nations being visited. It is also important to bear in mind that possession of an entry visa does not automatically translate into automatic entry by visitors at the border posts of foreign nations. Similarly, entry into Nigeria is not complete until entry clearance officers permit visitors to enter at Nigeria’s borders; and the Nigerian Customs Service, in the case of goods and services.

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