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This Initiative is woven to make statements with Nigerian and African fashion. For months, we have researched into how to utilize our experiences and creative abilities for the growth of the apparel industry in Nigeria and reduce over dependence on foreign products. We believe that we can contribute meaningfully to the process of change and development, with prominent goals advancing the economy of Nigeria and more importantly, by the grace of God make statements with our imaginative and unique styles and products. We will be coming on the scene to promote and sell the rich cultural heritage of the Black race all over the world. Our efforts are being geared towards ensuring that Black people all over the world, are noted as the Most Beautiful Creatures of God, from whom other peoples of the world could gain some fashion sense. We ask that you kindly expect our formal debut in the next few weeks.

  • Party Dresses,
  • Seasonal Dresses,
  • Special Occasions &
  • Wedding Dresses.
  • Other locally made beauty products

TERRIFIC TRENDY FASHIONS……Created to Beautify Humanity.